Do You Have A BIG Why?

We do…..

Allison Marlowe, founder of Global Winning Women shares her BIG Why, her purpose and vision for Global Winning Women.

Where it all started from…

And where we want it to GROW (with your help – of course!)

Over to Allison…



“It’s all about the next generation – if I could leave any legacy it would be to leave this world a more loving, harmonious and joyful place for our future generation. I believe this starts with us – Today – showing up as positive role models.

I feel honoured, privileged and blessed to receive the gift of these four wonderful children. I love my role as a mum, a parent and I see it as my responsibility to light the way, in expanding their world and encouraging them to think for themselves. To create limitless lives; to believe in themselves to do the things they may not have considered possible.

How do I do this?

By encouraging them to follow their hearts.


I truly believe it begins with us – Right Now…

And I’d like to invite you to join me and all the Global Winning Women around the world who have already said YES! I want this too!



We want to create a global sisterhood where women empower each other to live extraordinary lives.

We believe that when an individual grows; so do all of us: that we are all part of a bigger flow, and that by supporting each other to shine, we will in turn glow brighter. We are part of a new leadership paradigm, where we lead collectively and collaboratively, in circle.

To us, winning means believing in ourselves, living in alignment with our purpose, and embracing our intuition for the highest good of all. We accept each other authentically and wholly. We are curious and creative, we trust our wild natures, we have faith in our connection and intuition.

We ask for help when we need it and we champion others when we can, whilst honouring our own boundaries. We say “no”. We give ourselves and each other permission and space to dream our desires, and the confidence to birth those dreams into life.



To believe in ourselves, to stand in our power, to live on purpose in harmony. To support each other to align to our individual purpose and allow it to flow through us. To embrace our own creativity, inner wisdom, and all that is unique and important to each of us for the good of all.

To live our values: champion, celebrate, connect, collaborate, contribute.
To model a new way of doing business and of collaborative leadership, and to share our way of working with others in circle.

To have the courage to be our best selves, boldly, and to support each other to express ourselves fully, not make ourselves small to “fit in”. To challenge and celebrate each other through growth and evolution.

To inspire women to live their authentic dreams, by creating online groups where women can connect and support each other, whatever stage of their journey they are at.

To give to communities of women in the developing world.
To generate enough income to support our work and allow the leaders of our movement to sustain themselves.

To call together in-person gatherings of women. To hold space for our members and remember that the sacred is between us; in our relationships; in being physically present with each other, sharing stories and connecting.


By joining our community, you will be the first to hear how this dream is already coming true… we’d love to have you join us!

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